What to Wear: The Church Single Social

It is sometimes difficult to decide what to wear to a church function. When you are too dressed, you are showing off; not dressy enough and you are sloppy or unkempt. Abby Fashions online store take the worry out of what to wear.

As soon as I came in the door G-mom asked me if was I going to the Single’s Social at the church. I knew immediately what that meant, she’s match-making again. Sure enough, the truth came out as soon as I said, “Yes ma’am, I sure am thinking about it.” The plain truth is I was only half way listening after that until she mentioned Suzie’s name. “What did you say G-mom,” I just had to ask. “I was just think about what I was going to wear, is all.”

Navy with White Chancelle Designer Dress

“Just wear that same outfit you wore Sunday, you looked really good in that Junior. In fact, that was what I was just telling Gladys, wasn’t I Gladys? The way all those girls up in the church were eye-balling you. You know one of those Montique leisure suits with the cream slacks and dress shirt with long sleeves, matching sweater vest with black tie, and matching hat. Just don’t wear the hat up in the church though, you know how that upsets Pastor Harris.” She kept going on, even though what I wanted to know about was Suzie and how did her name get thrown up in that conversation with Gladys along with mine.

I know everyone considers us the best-dressed singles in the church. Maybe it is because we both shop at Abby Fashions. But, was that the reason they were talking about us? We’re not even a couple… yet! I am hoping to rectify that soon though.

A Man’s Hat

I do like that hat though and it is perfect with that outfit.

Tan Montique Hat

G-mom was right about that; I could feel the eyes on me as I walked to my pew. But, how am I going to get her back on the topic of Suzie again without bluntly asking her and letting her know I am interested? “You liked that outfit, G-mom?” “Yeah I did, but not nearly as much as Suzie did! Lordy, you didn’t see the way she was looking at you?”

Bingo! So, that’s all it took and I didn’t even have to mention her name. Thank you G-mom.

Long-sleeved Montique Leisure Suits

The winter months, particularly in the northeast bring blustery winds, snow, and frigid temperatures. All the more reason to bring your fashion A-game with a modern leisure suit for men. Many people think of winter as an excuse to stay inside or wear a big old downy coat and ear-muffed hat to stay warm.

Long-sleeved Montique Leisure Suits

The fact is, winter is the perfect opportunity to bring out your finest cold weather wear. Men walking suits, Montique leisure suits for men are perfect with a sweater vest, hat and scarf, so you don’t have to wear that downy coat that makes you look 20 or 30 pounds heavier. Yes, that’s right we like to look buffed, not stuffed. We all know the ladies are going to come out in their best. So we know that if we come out of the house in that Blankman looking hat and too-stuffed coat we will more than likely run into her.

Whether running out to a convenience store, for a few games of pool, or the Church Single Social, Montique leisure suits with a matching hat, gloves, and scarf can set you apart and make you look professional.

Remember, it is sometimes difficult to decide what to wear to a church function. Montique leisure suits take the worry out of what to wear. Consult Abby Fashions online catalog to find your favorite Montique leisure suits.

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