What is a Kaftan?

Where Did the Kaftan Come From?

Originally, the kaftan was worn by Persian men. It consisted of a long silk or cotton cloak. The kaftan had buttons all the way down the front, wide sleeves, and a sash around the waist.

In Istanbul, sultans wore kaftans that were created in elegant, stunning styles and colors. The kaftans were often given as gifts to dignitaries and military generals who won in battle. The kaftans were worn during special religious occasions.

Intricate embroidery was often sewed on the full sleeves. Only certain upper class Ottomans could wear specific colors and patterns. Special buttons, ribbons, and fabrics were used for the kaftan, depending upon social status. The fabrics were woven in Istanbul, Bursa, and imported from Persia, India, and Venice.

Today, Kaftans are available for everyone, no matter what the social status. The kaftans are created in amazing colorful patterns, gorgeous fabrics, with decorative embroidery and ribbons. The kaftans are made to fit all sizes, which make them convenient and comfortable. Kaftans are appropriate attire for the workplace, casual wear, and even formalwear. You can’t go wrong, not matter what the occasion, wearing an elegant kaftan.

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