Turn Plain into Formal with a Shawl

How to Add a Shawl Accessory

Pashmina Shawls Consider adding a shawl to any of your dresses when a special occasion arises. Save time and money buying a new formal outfit and just add a tasteful shawl to accessorize the dress. The simple dress is no longer plain, but a stunning piece of evening wear.

Shawls used to be casual, knitted or crocheted to wear with jeans. Today’s shawls, however, are classy and elegant for formal wear and dinner wear. They are worn by the mother of the bride, over the shoulders and arms for an added touch of glamour for such a special occasion.

Shawls are also functional for those chilly summer nights, when just a touch of covering is needed. Add a few dressy shawls to any woman’s wardrobe and every dressy dress or woman’s suit can be transformed into stylish, formal wear for weddings, church wear, business dinners, cocktail parties, and formal dinners. Shop for shawls at Abby Fashions today and find great low prices!

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