Tips for Fitting a Flower Girl Dress

Having the correct measurements for a flower girl dress ensures the best fit and the perfect finish to a beautiful dress.

Flower Girl Dress
Flower Girl Dress

The following tips for measurement will help you get the exact measurements of your little girl, so that when you buy the flower girl dress, whether in a formal wear store or an online designer kids wear store, you will be guaranteed a dress that looks and fits great.

Begin by measuring the chest. Have your little girl hold her arms at her side and slide a measuring tape under her arms. Pull the measuring tape across her chest and around the back, over her shoulder blades. Hold the measuring tape snuggly and take the measurement.

Next, measure your child’s waist. Find the natural curve of your little girl’s waist and hold the tape measure firmly around her waist, making sure it is level. Take the measurement.

The length of the hem is very important. Decide if you want the hem to match the bridesmaid dresses or if you want a different length for your flower girl dress. To measure the hem, find the center of the top of the girl’s shoulder and measure down to where you want the dress hem to be. Some stores might want the measurement from the waist down, so it is best to do both. Take the measurement.

Measure the little girl’s hips next. Just wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of the hips and take the measurement.

Having these flower girl dress measurement when you do your kids formal wear shopping will save you time when choosing a dress either at an online formal wear store or a department store. You’ll be glad you took the measurements when it comes time to make a decision on a flower girl dress.

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