The Perfect Occasions to Don on a Sweater

There are various occasions that you can point to as the perfect occasions to don on a sweater. Whether it is your designer sweater set, cashmere sweaters, wool sweaters or cotton sweaters – it is important to know that sweaters are a versatile piece of clothing that doesn’t go out of style.

You can wear a sweater to almost everywhere. And they come in various level of thickness for different temperatures. Some are lightweight with soft material that snugly fit your body while others are thick to keep you warm in an extremely cold polar vortex temperature. The important thing is that sweaters make you appear stylish and sophisticated. You can wear them on an everyday basis, as the sweater style has become a permanent part of the fashion scene.

However, some men out there have not embraced the sweater style with open arms and we wonder why? Is it because they do not know what occasions they should wear sweaters? Hmm … that could be a possibility. If you are not sure about when you should take your designer sweater out of the closet, allow us to help you.

Here are some occasions, which have been certified as the perfect time to don on a sweater:

1.     Going Out

You could be going out to buy groceries, the mall, the movie theater, or to a friend’s house. So, you may think to wear a shirt over shorts. We think you should wear a sweater instead. You can wear a sweater on top of a t-shirt over cargo shorts and sneakers. You never know whom you may run into at the grocery store. Do not look disheveled and out of place.

2.     Going to a Party

You will not wear a sweater to a formal party that requires you to wear a suit and a bow tie. The type of party we are referring to is one with semi-formal dress code. At a semi-formal party, you can get away with wearing a men knitwear with a t-shirt and a sports jacket over it. You can wear khaki pants with the sweater as well. You can wear a cardigan with buttons or a V-neck cardigan sweater. In short, it all comes down to how well you carry the style.

3. Going out on the Weekends

Reserve your solid colorful sweaters and designer sweater sets for the weekends or special occasions. You can wear a turquoise sweater with a sports jacket. You can even get away with wearing a sweater with lovely patterns. You need to make sure the patterns are not overwhelming though. Wear a sweater with trousers, loafers, and a long trench coat to achieve that classy and chic look.

Designer sweaters for men should not be kept in the closet, only to see the light of day during winters. You can opt for cotton sweaters instead of cashmere in the summers. If you need to stock your closest with new sweaters, might we suggest checking out Abby’s Fashions dressy sweaters for men apparel? They are mens two piece sweater sets so you do not need to worry about what pants to match them with, while you’re at it, you may also find the matching shoes to accessorize and upgrade your look – have fun and dress classy all year long.

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