The Origins of the Shirt and Tie

The Beginning of Shirts and Ties

Ancient Egypt has the first appearance of a necktie. It was a piece of cloth in the shape of a rectangle that was ties around the neck. It signified social status.

Mens Dress Shirts with Tie
Mens Dress Shirts with Tie

Ancient China depicts the necktie on statues around the tomb of their first Emperor. The men in the Roman Empire also wore a cloth around their necks that looks like a tie.

The Croatian soldiers wore a tie that looks much like the modern day necktie. This was during the Thirty years war in the 1600’s. At that time, the name of the tie was named cravat. This is when the tie became fashionable throughout Europe and both men and women wore ties.

From there, the necktie developed into what it is today. It remains a fashion statement for men. Especially, when worn with a dress shirt and business suit. A silk tie is a symbol of success for most businessmen. Professional attire requires a wide variety of dress shirts and ties. Many men buy shirt and tie sets so they don’t have to spend all their time finding matching ties for their shirts.

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