The Best Way to Tie a Tie

The Most Popular Tie Knot

You can have the most expensive tie created but if you don’t know how to tie the tie correctly, it will look frumpy. Learn how to tie the most popular tie knot – The Windsor.

mens shirt and tie sets
Mens Dress Shirts with Tie

The best mens dress shirt and tie sets are both elegant and colorful. They have patterns that match all business suits and can range in price from $30.00 to in the hundreds. Tying the correct knot is essential if you want the pattern and color of the tie to stand out, creating an outstanding business outfit.

Start with a decent tie. Ties created in Italy are some of the best designer ties around. You can usually find them at reasonable prices online. These designer ties will keep their shape even after wearing and knotting the tie hundreds of times. Cheaper ties will stretch out and lose their shape after only a few tie knots, so in the end, you have to replace the tie anyway. A well made, quality tie is worth a few extra dollars.

Most designer ties also come with a matching pocket handkerchief and tie hanger. The handkerchief really puts a finishing touch on a nice man’s business suit. The following video will show you just how to tie a correct Windsor Knot, bringing out the best of your designer ties.

How to Tie a Windsor Knot (courtesy of

Ties for men add quality and style to your look while you dressed in your best for any occasion. You cannot go wrong with shirt and tie sets, mens shirt and tie sets, mens dress shirt and tie sets or the mens designer dress shirt. Buy your mens dress shirt and tie sets from Abby Fashions at affordable prices.

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