Six Steps to the Best Dressed Flower Girl

The flower girl inspires smiles from all the wedding guests as she walks up the aisle in her beautiful flower girl dress, dropping flower petals from her basket. She leaves a trail of sweetness for the bride as she slowly walks the length of the white carpet. All eyes take in her flower girl dress, perfectly fitted and her matching flowered crown and new shoes.

Who can help but feel the joy of the day when this beautiful, little girl makes her way before the bride? The sight is like a fairytale enfolding in front of the eyes.

The flower girl’s joyful procession down the aisle took a lot of preparation. Choosing the flower girl dress is the most important of all the preparations a flower girl needs to make but it doesn’t have to be a time of stress.
Choosing a Flower Girl Dress

  1. Flower girl dresses are available at formal wear stores, bridal shops, and even online child formalwear sites.
    flower girl dresses - kids formal wear
    flower girl dresses – kids formal wear
  2. The flower girl dress can be short or long. It is a good idea to ask the bride if she has a preference as to which style she would like her flower girl to wear.
  3. The bride may also want the flower girl to wear the same color as her bridesmaids or a complimentary color. As long as the fabric color does not clash with the bridal attendant’s attire, the flower girl is usually able to choose the color of the dress.
  4. Keep in mind the location of the wedding when buying the flower girl dress. The style you choose should be comfortable and practical for the setting. For instance, if the wedding takes place in a church with the reception to follow in a country club or high end hotel, then the flower girl dress should be formal wear. On the other hand, if the wedding is outside in the back yard or at the beach with an outdoor reception, it would be more practical to go with a flower girl dress that is more casual.
  5. The choice of color and material also depends upon the season. The bridesmaids in summer weddings usually choose cooler fabrics and lighter colors than winter weddings. When purchasing the flower girl dress remember to consider the season in which the wedding will take place.
  6. At times, it can be difficult to find the seasonal fabric for flower girl dresses because the dress is usually purchased months in advance. The flower girl dress can be made in the appropriate fabric at a bridal shop but this is very expensive. Consider an online formal wear store where the flower girl dresses for all seasons are available throughout the year. They are also more reasonably priced.

The wedding day is a time of excitement, nervousness, and delight for the little flower girl. She is ecstatic about being part of such a wonderful day and feels like a grown up. Although the flower girl feels grown up, remember to avoid making the little girl look too mature. She is a little girl and that is the impression she should make, an innocent little girl in a little girl’s dress, leaving petals of love and beauty for the bride.

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