Montique 410 Walking Suit – Short Sleeve

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Montique 410 Walking Suit with two pockets is a mens two piece leisure suits that is appropriate for any special occasion. Mens 2 piece men walking suits are great alternative to traditional suits for business – you cannot go wrong with this unique solid color – white on white and solid color black-on-black mens leisure suits.

Looking for something to wear to the beach party with your buddies next weekend, your niece’s birthday party, a backyard barbecue at your grandfather’s, or something formal-cum-casual on your sister’s housewarming party? Whatever the occasion calls for, we are sure Montique has got you covered! Introducing an extensive range of comfortable wear in the form of men’s walking suits, leisure suits, men’s vests and hats, Montique understands the needs of modern men.

Loose-fitted, comfortable and stylish, these are the first three words that one comes up with when describing this piece – Montique 410 Walking Suit. Using soft hues as the base color and white stripped lines on top, Montique has given this shirt a casual everyday-wear look that will perfectly match any body type and color. Available in a single royal shade, this Montique leisure suit for men comes in a striking variety of sizes, from 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, and 6XL ensuring that you find your fit easily.

ProCategory: Mens Walking Suits; Mens Leisure Suits
Style: Men 2 piece men walking suits – Short Sleeve
Style No: Montique 410
Colors: White, Black
Design: Solid – white on white ; Solid – black on black
Material: Polyester
Pants Inseam: 34
Sizes: Look for available size options in the sizes drop down (e.g. 3XL/46)

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White, Black


3XL/46, 4XL/48, 5XL/54, 5XL/56, 6XL/60


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