Montique 1626 Walking Suit Green

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Montique 1626 Walking Suit Green vertical color block long sleeve is a mens two piece leisure suits that is appropriate for any special occasion. Men 2 piece men walking suits are great alternative to traditional suits for business – you cannot go wrong with this unique color mix color block broad stripes mens leisure suits.

Montique Brown Walking Suit 1626 is the type of suit you can wear at any place. It is classy and trendy enough to be suitable for any type of gathering but it still makes you stand out. Montique leisure suits are well known for being high quality as well as fashionable and this one is no different. It uses a fantastic paisley pattern on the shirt to give a fantastic motif to the whole suit.

Montique 1626 Walking Suit Green comes in three colors; navy, brown, and brown. Each one has its unique look. We love how the pattern is subdued by the plain colors on top of it. In the middle of the shirt, on the sleeves, and on the color, you will find the same plain color as on the pants. It allows the suit to look trendy without being overtly flashy. It allows the wearer to look cool and comfortable without being too in your face with its aesthetics

ProCategory: Mens Walking Suits
Style: Men 2 piece men walking suits
Style No: Montique 1626
Colors: Green
Design: Paisley
Material: Polyester
Pants Inseam: 34


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