Styles of Montique Walking Suits by Abby Fashions

Find freedom from two-piece men’s suits by choosing one of the many styles of Montique walking suits from Abby Fashions. Montique clothing delivers the next generation of casual men’s suits with bright colors and rugged looks that allow you to express your individual clothing style. You can create just the right balance in your wardrobe between casual and formal wear by choosing from the many Montique clothing styles available.

Superiority with Montique Walking Suits Fashion

Men Walking Suits
Men Walking Suits

Contrasting ColorsMontique walking suits are available in assorted colors. One style offers solid colored pants with a checked top in your choice of colors. Other suits feature a plaid top with solid color, crisp pleated pants. Another suit style for summer fashion is the linen walking suit, featuring a short-sleeved shirt with contrasting shorts. All Montique walking suits are appealing and comfortable.

Matching Colors – The matching color walking suits are a choice as casual wear for golfing, at the beach, firework display, church picnic or just a stroll around the neighborhood. Like all Montique men’s suits, the fabric is smooth and comfortable and has a color to match your every mood. The matching color suits create the illusion of dressier attire, making it a perfect choice for events that require a more serious look.

Big and Tall – The Montique clothing line of big and tall walking suits offer sizes up to 6X that look and feel great. The light fabric and choice of colors offer something for everyone, no matter what size or shape. Wearing a well-fitted walking suit is the key to feeling good about your looks and comfortable in what you’re wearing. Rejuvenate your wardrobe with big and tall walking suits that make you feel like a new man.

Linen – Linen fabric, known for its cool and fresh qualities during hot, humid weather, absorbs moisture. This keeps the skin cool; making linen the ideal fabric for summer suits.

Vest amd Pant Set Brown
Vest amd Pant Set

Montique men’s linen walking suits are available in both matching colors and contrasting colors. Try linen walking suits on a sweltering day and experience the airy feel that other men’s clothing doesn’t offer.

Vest and Pants – For occasions that require a more formal look, men’s walking suits that feature a button

down vest with matching pants is just the thing to wear. The vest gives the illusion of formal wear while you remain comfortable and cool. Add a dress shirt, dress shoes and a matching cap for an innovative style that is appropriate for even those dressy events.

Montique walking suits offer the light look and feel that you want during the summer but do not skimp on class and style. Walking suits are so versatile that you can wear them casually or for special occasions without feeling out of place. Find the latest Montique clothing collection at Abby Fashions with styles to suit everyone’s needs at great low prices.

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