Introducing Montique Clothing

The Montique clothing line is the number one choice in men’s walking suits. The 2 piece walking suits, linen walking suits, and the big and tall walking suits are the choice of men who want to have the comfort of quality fabric along with a bold, contemporary style. If you are looking for two-piece-walking-suits that are available in all the trendy colors and bold styles, Abby Fashions has Montique clothing you’re looking for.



Montique Walking Suit Brown
Montique Walking Suit

Business Suits

A business suit does not always mean a dark colored, three-piece suit that weighs you down on a summer’s day. Men’s two-piece walking suits are an alternative to the traditional business suit.

Walking suits are cool and comfortable, yet look professional and business-like. The light, airy fabric allows your skin to breathe rather than smother in a conventional suit. Break away from the crowd, and rejuvenate your business attire with a colorful, light walking suit. A vest with matching pants and a dress shirt are perfect for the office. Add dress shoes, cufflinks and a silk tie and you’re guaranteed to impress your fellow office workers.

Casual Attire

Are you tired of the same old jeans and t-shirts? Do your khaki pants remind you of grammar school?Discover Montique walking suits and you’ll never look at casual clothing the same way again. Feel confident in a leisure suit that is all about you. Choose the style, color and fabric that represent who you are. Wear


Montique Clothing Blue
Montique Clothing

a men’s walking suit to parties, ball games, jazz clubs or a walk in the park with someone special. Feel the freedom from heavy jeans and boring t-shirts. Let your flair for style shine through and be comfortable while you do it.

Big and Tall Clothing

Do you think you choices for clothing are limited because of your size? This is simply not true with Montique clothing. You can find the size you need in every color and style of walking suit from Abby Fashions, the online store that carries the Montique clothing line. No matter what your size, you can be a trendsetter wearing leisure suits that fit perfectly and look great in contemporary styles. You will feel like you just stepped out of GQ with your trendy new walking suit from the Montique clothing line.

Walking suits in the hottest, trend setting colors make it a breeze to spark up your wardrobe with fresh, new styles. Unleash the new you with summer fashion that is perfect for business and pleasure. Dressing in the latest colors and styles doesn’t get any easier that with Montique clothing from Abby Fashions, the online store with the best selections at affordable prices.

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