Junior & Suzie Attend a June Wedding

Junior is back from the Leadership Conference and is ready to put what he learned to good use, but first he has to decide what to wear to a June Wedding.

Junior and Susie have been invited to a wedding, although both are unaware that the other has also been invited. Junior went to the Elder’s Leadership Conference over the Memorial Day weekend and had a blast, but the knowledge and mentorship he received from Pastor Harris was absolutely priceless.

milano mens church suit
Milano Mens Church Suit

Junior is sitting at the breakfast table. He had already dressed in his black with red Milano Mens Church Suit, which includes a free matching tie and handkerchief. This 5pc single-breasted, 4 button jacket and pants, with matching woven designed vest was very comfortable and more importantly, inexpensive. He was only halfway listening to the television preacher, as he munched some peanut butter flavored cereal, while the Captain watched him intently from the box, when G-Mom came into the room.

G-Mom gushes, “Oh I do love that man right there,” as I finally hear the near bald man’s deep, rich voice almost whisper as he urges his audience to Let it Go, while speaking from Matthew’s book five. Still talking to the TV, G-Mom says, “I love you Bishop Jakes!”

G-Mom suddenly turns from the TV saying, “Junior, isn’t Pastor Harris holding a special Elder’s Meeting this morning prior to church? G-Mom of course knows the answer to this question, sometimes I think she knows my schedule better than I do. I often wonder what my life would be like if anyone else had decided to take me in when mom and dad were so suddenly taken from me. I wonder why the Lord blessed me with this wonderful woman to care for me and guide me through this crazy world we live in. Would I be just another lost soul, like so many we try to mentor and set on the right path to Salvation in the church without her?

G-Mom interrupts my train of thought saying, “Boy, you better stop daydreaming and get your behind moving over to the church. Pastor Harris is not going to hold up his meeting just for you.” Don’t I know that.

G-Mom still talks to me like I am that 10-year-old boy who came to live with her after losing his parents almost 15 years ago. But, I have always loved her and thank God every day for her presence in my life, even though I am now 24, a college graduate, and self-driven entrepreneur. I say self-driven rather than self-made because God and this wonderful woman made me what I am today. Praise Jesus!

The Meeting and the “Meeting After the Meeting”

I made it to the church with 25 minutes to spare before the meeting and bumped into Suzie on the way to Leadership Hall. I had heard the ladies had a meeting this morning as well, but I didn’t realize Suzie was going to be here. Although I really adore Suzie, we have only had the one “date” at the Church Single’s Social, if you could call that a date. We talk for a few minutes, but she says she has to go and I know I must as well because Pastor Harris is of the opinion if you are 10 minutes early to his meeting, you are five minutes late. I’m rushing for the door when suddenly Suzie asks, “Hey, are you free for lunch after church?” Although caught off guard by her request, I am very pleased and quickly say I am free.

The meeting is rushing along as I daydream about my lunch date with Suzie. Pastor Harris has been talking about the Leadership Conference and how impressed he was with the attendance and what we accomplished. He asks me and four other Elder candidates to step out while the council discusses possible new Elders. I think about how prestigious this position is within the church and the fact that I am only 24, all the others are in their late thirties and up. When we are called back in Pastor Harris says they were only able to choose three out of the five and hopes the other two will make the necessary adjustments to be considered next year. To my surprise, I am one of the three.

After church, G-Mom tells me to go on ahead, she has to setup for the evening service and has choir practice as well. Then, she turns and with a wink says, “Enjoy your lunch, Junior.” It is always a mystery to me how she seems to know everything that is going on.

I meet Suzie outside and she takes my arm as we walk down the walk in front of the church, as the kids from my Sunday School class and hers start singing, “K-I-S-S-I-N-G, first comes love, then comes marriage…” We both look at each other and just smile as we simultaneously shake our heads.

What to Wear to the Wedding?

During lunch, Suzie informs me that she will be the Maid of Honor at Rakersha and Darrell’s wedding. Although Darrell and I have been friends for many years, he chose a college classmate as his Best Man, which is fine with me because I really don’t have time to make all the arrangements a Best Man must.

Suzie says the reason she asked me to lunch is that according to her, I have impeccable taste in clothes. I start to feel a little hurt by her reason for lunch, until she states, “You always look like you just stepped out of GQ. And, besides I enjoy your company and you’re very good at making me laugh.” Now, I honestly start to blush a little. Then, she scoots over closer on the booth bench and says, “would you look at these pictures from AbbyFashions online and help me pick the Bride’s Party outfits?” as she opens a laptop.

I was looking at these and there’s just too many beautiful dresses to choose from here. Suzie says, “these designs are so fabulous.

Moshita Ladies Suit

I love the hats! And, the designs are simple and comfortable, yet elegant. What do you think?”

I say, “actually these light colors are perfect for a June wedding and it almost doesn’t matter what color the Groom’s Party is going to wear.

However, I would rule out the white right away, if the Bride is wearing white, which I am almost certain she will be. I have always thought that the bride’s color should be distinct from the Bridesmaids. I’m sure Abby Fashions has more colors in that design because the design is very nice.”

“Yeah, that Moshita 2pc Silk Dress comes in Black, Red, and Silver too, but those colors won’t work.

Ben Marc Ladies Suit

If the guys are wearing Navy, as I heard, then I think the Sky Blue would be great, but the yellow is nice too,” I say matter-of-factly. Suzie agrees, “Yeah, the Sky Blue is a Ben Marc’s Sunday Designer Suit and comes in Canary Yellow, too.

“Oh, you can just click on the picture to get a bigger image and more details about the colors, sizes, and prices” Suzie says, as I lean in to get a better look. “I knew that actually, I have been an Abby Fashions customer for years,” I say. “Hmm,” she says, “no wonder you always look so good!”

Abby Fashions Specials

Abby Fashions also has special deals on Mother of the Bride Dresses, Special Occasion Dresses, Ladies Church Suits, and many have Hats and Bags to match with very affordable prices! You can look well-to-do without breaking into your savings. Plus, Abby Fashions has many reduced prices on the Stacy Adams Collection. When you need special attire for weddings, business attire, or church functions, look no further than Abby Fashions for dresses and all the accessories.

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