Junior Goes to the Elder’s Leadership Conference

In our last blog Junior, with G-Mom’s help, decided to wear a Montique Leisure Suit to the Single’s Social, now Junior is headed to the Leadership Conference.

Once again, Junior is faced with the decision of what to wear to a church function. This time however, he has a much more difficult decision as it is a Leadership Conference hosted by Pastor Harris, himself. Now, for those of you that do not know Pastor Harris, he is the spiritual leader of the Multicultural Gospel Church and as such provides advice and guidance to his flock.

Pastor Harris believes his Elders should be mentors to the young men in the church and should dress appropriately at church functions, that means a suit and tie and a man’s haircut. After all, “cleanliness is next to Godliness.” Pastor Harris is not opposed to telling a young man or a young woman to button up their shirt or blouse. I once witnessed him tell one of the parents to advise his wife to take his daughter home while she changed, “This is a house of God, not a music video!” were his exact words.

Therefore, Junior was more than a little worried about what clothes he should take to the Memorial Day weekend Elders’ and Potential Elders’ Leadership Conference, particularly since he was one of the “potential” Elders, not having attained that level in the church as yet. Junior admired Pastor Harris and held him in high esteem, so he wanted to make a good impression.

G-Mom’s Advice about the Montique Men’s Walking Suits

G-Mom said, “Junior, I heard you was going to Pastor Harris’s Leadership Conference. Now, I know you’re a good dresser and all and I’m not one to get up in your business, but I did give you some good advice for the Single’s Social. I saw some real nice Montique Men’s walking suits in the Abby Fashions online catalog.”

When did she start not getting up in my business I wondered to myself, but would never say that out loud. I merely said, “I do want to be an Elder in the church and this is a good opportunity to get some training.”

“Yes, Pastor Harris is a wonderful trainer. Well, I was looking over the itinerary and Pastor Harris has a lot planned for that three-day conference. And, since the weather is changing, you should take a variety of spring and summer clothes.”

Montique Men's Walking Suits and Shoes
Montique Men’s Walking Suits and Shoes

“I was looking at some of those Montique Men’s Walking Suits at Abby Fashions you like so much. Now, this is what I suggest, see if you don’t feel the same way. If you take these three walking suits and these shoes, you can wear those to the classes and to that golfing outing. Then, all you will need is a Sunday suit and perhaps a nice sweater.”

I had to admit that was a pretty good idea and the price was pretty spectacular too! I could get three walking suits, matching hats, and montique mens shoes for what I would pay for one suit downtown. I couldn’t even argue about the colors she had chosen. I just couldn’t decide whether I should wear the gray or blue walking suit to play golf.

Matching Hat for Men-Montique
Matching Hat for Men-Montique-H-14

But, while I was looking I saw three different hats that I preferred. So now, I will have six hats to change up the look and the great part was the additional hats I wanted were on clearance sale.

Straw Hat for Men- Montique-H-31

Imagine paying $29 for the blue or rust hat and only $43 for the great looking fedora style with feather, which would easily cost me $150 downtown.




Choosing a Church Suit for Sunday Service

Now to choose my suit for the Sunday service. You see the thing is, I knew Abby Fashions has a large selection of fine suits for church. I chose the Milano Men’s Church Suit, gray with black, 2-piece single breasted, 1 button with shawl collar and side vents. And, what’s even better it was less than $150 and the fedora style hat I bought with the gray walking suit matched it perfectly.

Milano Men’s Suit

“Thanks G-Mom, you were a big help. I feel a lot better about the conference already.” G-Mom replied, “I read on the Abby Fashions site that most orders are shipped the same day, except special orders. Anyway, I’m sure you will make a good impression on Pastor Harris and the Elders, as you did with Suzie at the Single’s Social.”

I started walking out to the kitchen for a drink, when I suddenly realized what she had just said. I stopped, wheeled around, and said, “Wait what? What did Suzie say?”

“Oh, ho-ho,” she laughed, “I figured that would get your attention. I just overheard her telling one of the other girls in the choir that you always dressed like a male model, or something like that.” I practically floated out to the kitchen.

Whether you’re dressing for a Church Social, a leadership conference, or Sunday service, Abby Fashions online catalog has what you need at a price you can afford.

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