How to Get a Slimmer Look

Which Women’s Suits Give Slimming Results

The layered styles of an Elsa Lorraine suit slims down the waist and hips for a tall, slender appearance. Not only does the layered look give a thinning impression but it is so much more comfortable than tight fitting clothes that emphasize every little bulge.

Another style that slims very well is the long suit coat with a tapered waist. While giving a more streamlined look to the hips, it also makes the waist look smaller. The long suit coat is chic and stylish for the workplace or evening wear.

The length of the skirt is also something to consider when looking for a slimming look. The longer the skirt, the taller and more slender the body appears. Wearing tea length or a calf length skirts are perfect for a trim, contemporary look.

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