How Is Wool Made into Suits

Wool – the Versatile Fabric

Most wool that is spun and turned into fabric comes from Australia. The fine wool of the Merino sheep is the most popular wool for fine apparel. New Zealand also produces much of the world’s wool, but they use cross bred sheep rather than full bred Merino. China also produces wool of a coarser fiber and it is usually used to create carpets instead of clothing.

Many people are buying professional attire and casual clothing made from wool. Wool is environmentally friendly because it free from chemicals and petroleum based fabrics like nylon and polypropylene. Wool is also recyclable and can be broken down and spun again for reuse.

Italian wool business suits have always been a sign of quality. They are durable, comfortable, and the wool breathes, keeping the person wearing the suit fresh all day. The wool business suit is designed in styles that will never go out of fashion which makes them a hot item in the business world.

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