Handbags through Time

The Origin of Handbags

Handbags were originally used by men who kept their gold coins in them. They were usually leather pouches and were tied to saddles, worn from a sash at the waist or carried beside a sword. Handbags can even be seen depicted in the hieroglyphics of Ancient Egypt.

designer dressy hand bags
Dressy Hand Bags Red

In past centuries, handbags were strictly functional. They were designed with durability in mind for carrying small treasures or important items. Only in recent centuries have handbags become an accessory for women.

Nearly all women today use handbags. Jokes have been made about women and how many things they can fit into one handbag. There are women’s handbags that match every style of women’s fashion available. Dressy handbags are designed to color coordinate with shoes, women’s suits, coats, jewelry, and even the seasons.

Times have certainly changed since the days when women were the only ones to carry a handbag. Today, most men would not be seen with a handbag. Men are more comfortable carrying a wallet in their pockets than a handbag over their arms.

Designer Dressy Hand Bags Black

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