Clothing Etiquette For Summer Events

Dressing for a Luncheon or Brunch

Summertime is known for gatherings at the beach, barbecues, weddings, showers, luncheons, and brunches. The warm weather brings everyone out of doors, socializing in ways that the cold weather doesn’t allow.

Dressing for a barbecue or beach party is pretty obvious. These are casual, relaxing and people really don’t need a particular clothing etiquette for dressing appropriately for the beach.

Summertime luncheons or Sunday brunches are another story. Luncheons after church or club meetings usually require light, airy attire. Dressing in a stylish Terramina woman’s suit, for instance, would be ideal for a summertime luncheon. The colors are pastel and give an air of summertime coolness. The fabrics are light and keep you cool even in the summertime warmth.

Enjoy all your summer events with appropriate women’s clothes. Whether your wear a tea dress to a Sunday brunch or a bathing suit to the beach, always keep clothing etiquette in mind.

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