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Why Men Fear Being Overdressed For Parties

The fear of being overdressed is a fear that many men share. So if you have ever found yourself mortified as you walk into a room only to discover you are the only man formally dressed while others are wearing designer men’s sweaters and more comfortable attire at the party, fear not, you are not… Continue Reading

Junior Goes to the Elder’s Leadership Conference

In our last blog Junior, with G-Mom’s help, decided to wear a Montique Leisure Suit to the Single’s Social, now Junior is headed to the Leadership Conference. Once again, Junior is faced with the decision of what to wear to a church function. This time however, he has a much more difficult decision as it… Continue Reading

Looking Better than you Thought Possible

There was once a time where day in and day out, men wore suits more than anything else. “The clothes made the man,” as they said. The actual quote from Samuel Clemens, more fondly known as Mark Twain was, “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” Thank God for… Continue Reading

5 Tips to Guide Your Winter Wear

Dressing for comfort in a casual walking suit can be challenging in the cold winter months, but with Abby Fashions online it doesn’t have to be difficult. 1. Casual Walking Suits let you layer, layer, layer! During the coldest time of the year, especially in the northern states, layering is the golden rule. Casual walking… Continue Reading