The Perfect Occasions to Don on a Sweater

There are various occasions that you can point to as the perfect occasions to don on a sweater. Whether it is your designer sweater set, cashmere sweaters, wool sweaters or cotton sweaters – it is important to know that sweaters are a versatile piece of clothing that doesn’t go out of style. You can wear… Continue Reading

What's the Perfect Fall Weather Outfit for Men?

A Men’s Two Piece Velvet-Cord Jacket Set offers just the right amount of warmth without making you sweat while being extremely comfortable on your skin. Men’s Two Piece Velvet-Cord Jacket Set or matching jacket sets add a new level of character, allowing other accented features to really stand out. In the fall, the weather fluctuates… Continue Reading

Why Men Fear Being Overdressed For Parties

The fear of being overdressed is a fear that many men share. So if you have ever found yourself mortified as you walk into a room only to discover you are the only man formally dressed while others are wearing designer men’s sweaters and more comfortable attire at the party, fear not, you are not… Continue Reading

Junior’s First Assignment as an Elder

The Steering Committee at the Multicultural Gospel Church have a Fourth of July Celebration planned; Junior’s group would provide a men vest sets fashion show. At a previous meeting of the steering committee it had been decided to host a fashion show for the teens as the finale to the Fourth of July Festival, well… Continue Reading

Junior & Suzie Attend a June Wedding

Junior is back from the Leadership Conference and is ready to put what he learned to good use, but first he has to decide what to wear to a June Wedding. Junior and Susie have been invited to a wedding, although both are unaware that the other has also been invited. Junior went to the… Continue Reading