A Man’s Hat Inspires, makes an Impression, and is often Influential

A man’s hat is more than an accessory; a man’s hat is his signature. Many men are recognized almost immediately by their hat. So, not just any hat will do, you need a man’s hat that will work for you and your style. It’s more than just a fit or a fashion statement.

During the eighties and nineties men were not wearing hats. For whatever reason, whether it was that we just got bored with them or it was perceived that they did not fit what we were wearing; you just did not see men wearing hats. With the possible exception of the baseball cap. But, with the new millennium men are wearing hats once again. From snap-backs to flat-hats and soft felts, too. Men are once again wearing hats. What better way to add a little something extra to an already sharp look?

Montique Dressy Ssweater


A man that asks another man to try on his hat will get that look of consternation that asks, “Are you crazy?” Even a flirtatious female will initially get that look, yet he will relent and let her try it on. He may even give her a smile if she tilts it just right and adds a smile of her own. Yet, he still worries that she will somehow ruin its mystique or crumple the brim. A man will never tell you that. Some will just make up an excuse not to let you wear his brim at all.

A Man’s Hat with a Montique Men’s Two-piece Walking Suit

Some men can wear a soft felt hat like they live in it, while others can sport that classic Godfather hat with the signature feather as naturally as Neyo. Comfortable and confident in a Montique Navy, dressy two-piece vest with pants set. Striking, stunning, sizzling… you pick the adjective. But, whatever adjective you choose it boils down to looking sharp. The soft felt or Godfather are two types of man’s hats that not every man can wear well. And yet, LL Cool J can pull off just about any hat, he is almost as recognizable for his hats as NCIS or Mama Said Knock You Out.

Yet sometimes, it is just about combining that hat with the right two-piece walking suit or two-piece vest set to make it look right on the man.

Mens Walking Suits

Consider this look right here… A men’s two-piece walking suit – light, casual, and comfortable and just right for any setting. This look fits just as well at church as it does at the club. You will definitely turn heads in any setting, as every head turns to discover who is this behind the quiet confidence. This men’s 2-piece walking suits with matching hat is “perfection in motion.”

Looking this good is as easy as looking through Abby Fashions online magazine and picking the right look for you. Whatever the occasion or event, or just because, you will certainly turn more than a few heads.

Montique Bogard Hat




There many more men’s hats to choose from that will top off that look that she will love like the Montique Bogard Godfather Style

Saturday’s Club Casual or Sunday’s Swag

The Godfather fedora hat may just be “an offer you can’t refuse”, if you can wear it as well as Cedric “The Entertainer” or Will I Am. Fedoras are not just for dressing up anymore. It will wear just as well with a pair of jeans and a sweater or vest. Saturday’s club casual or Sunday’s swag, you know if you can wear that fedora or straw hat like Andre or Big Boi, you won’t look like an outkast. Hats are back men, so you might as well grab a man’s hat from Abby Fashions.

Straw Hat for Men

That’s right, don’t discount those straw hats. A man’s hat can be striking in straw too! There are many styles and material to choose from, so just pick the one you like, or two. Choose a two-piece walking suit or two-piece vest set and then the hat, or vice versa. I like to have a hat that matches every outfit I have. Sometimes, I find a hat I love and then have to find the perfect outfit to match.

It is just a matter of preference. I prefer to have a hat that fits me, rather than just a hat that fits. Think about it, how many of us could wear a tri-corner hat like Johnny Depp? I don’t know about you, but I’m not even going to try. Although, Pharrell could probably pull it off.

That’s why it is up to us to develop our style and find our signature hat. A man’s hat must be one that matches our style and personality. Visit Abby Fashions Online Store to buy yours today!

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