5 Tips to Guide Your Winter Wear

Dressing for comfort in a casual walking suit can be challenging in the cold winter months, but with Abby Fashions online it doesn’t have to be difficult.

1. Casual Walking Suits let you layer, layer, layer!

During the coldest time of the year, especially in the northern states, layering is the golden rule. Casual walking suits permit you to dress comfortably and layer styles without looking lumpy.

Casual Walking Suit

Even though momma’s myth about losing 80 percent of our body heat through our head has been debunked, Richard Ingebretsen, PHD, MD from the School of Medicine at the University of Utah states, “If you don’t have a hat on, you lose heat through your head, just as you would lose heat through your legs if you were wearing shorts.” (Web MD). Therefore, it is wise to cover your head as well as every other part of your body to protect from heat loss, and when you match a Montique two-piece vest and pants set with the hat, you stay warm and look sharp.

Very few things will serve your winter wardrobe better than a sweater vest or two-piece vest and pants set. The matching slacks and hat create a professional look while keeping your body heat intact. The brilliant thing about layering is that when it heats up, you can take some of those layers off. However, when you wear that big downy coat and take that off, you are suddenly too cold. So, be ready to put layers on or pull them off when you’re unsure of the venue or environment into which you are heading. Looking good in layers is as easy as looking at Abby Fashions online.

2. Add the Accessories.

Two Piece Vest Set

Add a little flair to your outfit and keep warm, by choosing among the right two-piece vest and pants set with matching hat. An optional same color scarf and dress shoes will give you the professional look you need in this hustle-bustle world of changing venues. Week day work attire can quickly become business luncheon or after dinner drinks. Adding or taking off accessories can quickly change your appearance and your body temperature.

3. Casual Walking Suits add Class Instantly. 

A casual walking suit with dress shirt and matching tie or open collar can transform your rugged look to professional in a snap. This ensemble can work for semi-formal events, as well as business or weddings and other receptions.

4. Add Bright Colors to Make your Attire Pop.

While black and cream will always be a favorite color choice for men, don’t be afraid to mix in other colors with these traditional mainstays of men’s fashion. Warm, bright colors, such as red, pink, and orange look great on all skin tones. Try on this classy Montique sweater and pants set in beige with long sleeves to keep you warm as you go about town.

5. Stay Warm, but Comfortable

A man can look great in a casual walking suit with accessories or without. However, the main concern should always be comfort. Check out Abby Fashions online catalog to find the best in class and comfort with your casual walking suit.

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