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Mens Two Piece Walking Suits

Mens Two Piece Walking Suits, Casual two piece sets, men-walking-suits are light dressy outfits for men. Linen walking suits and all 
fashionable mens shirts are great leisure suits for evening outings during summer.  If you are looking for something as an alternative to the traditional suits for business, church or when wearing a dress suit is a little too much, casual-walking-suits are just the thing to wear to special occasion, evening activities or just hanging out with friends – Walking Suits for men, two piece casual sets are great alternative to traditional suits.

Casual suits for men are just the thing for you to wear in a steamy hot summer heat – they are light weight and make you even look classy.

Summer can be hot and your choice of outfit can determine how much you enjoy it. Light, breathable and natural fabrics like cotton, silk and linen will help keep you cool during hot summer. Great pantsuits like men-walking-suit are great for men for all summer outdoor activities.

During the cold winter season, long sleeve men walking suits with cotton inner shirt, polo inset, knit softacrylic or wool inset will keep you warm while you look sexy.

Montique  walking suit line is unique with latest styles that will set you apart from the crowd. Montique men-walking-suits and men’s apparel specializing in two piece polyester /rayon sets, leisure suits, shirts, pants. Montique exclusive dressy shirt and pants set is just what you need for your stylish wardrobe.

Montique clothings has double pleated Pants hand their designs are guaranteed to turn heads. Don’t forget to hook up your two piece dressy pant set with Montique rayon mock neck shirt.

Mock-neck sweater, mock neck sweatshirt, mock neck shirts with ribbed knit cuffs and hem long sleeve or short sleeve are great for wearing with your favorite walking suit or dress pants and still look great.

You do not need to go to stores – walking form one shop to the other looking for something you like or even when you find your style, you discover they don’t have it in your size. Our huge variety of casual two piece sets include big and tall Walking Suits – sizes from M to 6XL.

www.AbbyFashions.net carry wide selection of men walking suit designs at great low prices.

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Pick up your church suits, career suits, fashionable mens shirts, and two piece casual sets at  AbbyFashions and all you got to do is BREEZE into summer in your two-piece men-walking-suits and look classy. 

What are walking suits?
Simply stated, walking suits are a matching top and slacks that bridge the gap between formal evening wear and casual day clothes. They are considered both urban casual and fancy. Men’s walking suits can be worn anywhere from work or church functions to a family event and definitely for a night on the town. The button-down collar shirts sit over the matching pants for a modern yet classy look.

At Abby’s Fashions, big and tall walking suits fit comfortably and look like it was made especially for you, no matter what your form. In addition, you won’t pay anywhere near what you would pay for the same suit custom-made when you buy leisure suits online. Sizes range from medium to 6XL and Abby Fashions showcases a wide range in terms of look and fit. It has never been easier to buy leisure suits online as it is now and Abby Fashions will make it stress-free and easy to build your wardrobe.

Affordable Big and Tall Men’s Leisure Suits
Leisure suits come in many styles to please different personalities. Choose from a simple matching set in one solid color or spice things up with patterns. Take the look up a notch by adding on a hat or tame it down by unbuttoning a couple of the top and/or bottom buttons and pairing with simple day shoes. Abby Fashions also offer suits for a wide budget range, from wallet-happy prices around $60 to that “make your woman proud” stunner at just over $100.

Mens Church Suits  and Women Church Suits

At Abby Fashions, our one-stop-shop store offers you all womens clothing, mother of the bride, plus size clothing, formal dresses, evening dresses, special occasion, fully lined suits, ladies apparel, designer wear, ladies church suits, womens church suits, womens suits, women business suits, exclusive designer church suits for black women, womens apparel, women’s shoes, upscale fashion footwear, fashion jewelry, custom jewelry designer style sets, church hats, dressy hand bags, Church Choir Group Suits, lap scarf set, fall hats, designer hats; ladies linen sets, Pashmina shawls and wraps, womens perfume, bed sheets.

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We only carry quality apparel from top famous designers in all aspects of women suit, mens and boys suits, hat and bag – Full line of unique, novelty and brand name merchandise and designer collection only seen in top-notch department stores.

Dressing for success or knowing the appropriate dress code does not come easy when it comes to womens clothing, churchsuits and special occasion attire. Purchasing just the right professional attire and building the business clothes for work days on a budget as become a real challenge. We recognize that smart career women watch for the sales, getting the most stylish churchsuit, special evening wear and business wardrobe for their money. So we brought you a huge selection of men’s and women’s business suits that give a touch of modern polish and success. Huge variety of church suits for black women, ladies church suits, black women church suits and hats are available at AbbyFashions. AbbyFashions.net is the one-stop-shop for all your church suits, designer collections and business wardrobe needs.

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We Specialize in Missy, Petite, Junior, Men’s Sizes (4-60) and Womens Clothes Sizes (4-36). Women, men and boys suits at lowest price online, plus free shipping on all orders over $150.

Let Abby Fashions fill your wardrobe with fashionable men walking suits, leisure suits for Men, designer sweater sets, two piece sweater sets, big and tall walking suits while you focus on enjoying the day and looking good!

Our Top-Notch Designers

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