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Abby Fashions Item-of-The-Month is our way to say THANK YOU to you for being a loyal customer and partner.

Abby Fashions has rich products and varieties of exclusive designers with years of experience in the world of art to create one of a kind fashion. We offer top of the art custom designs in church suits, women designer suits, men suits  and business casual outfit with trusted brands and top designers you know and love like Terramina, Chancell, Montique, Milano Moda etc. Because you are already our customer, we know you are interested in building your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

As part of our promise – “Great looks at smart prices ALWAYS!” – We have put together Item-of-The Month as our way to say THANK YOU.

Chancelle Suits 17102 - Navy

Chancelle Suits

You can always expect the finest quality top-of-the-line designs from Abby Fashions.  Every month we’ll present an exceptionally fashionable item at a super special value!  From our top-of-the-line church suits, women designer suits to men suits, men 2 piece walking suits, business casual outfit and men walking suit as part of our item-of-the-month selection.

You want to save on our special deal of the month from one of the item that receives the most votes for the month. This is one of the current designs of the season from our exclusive women designer suits like Chancelle, Tango, Terramina, Susanna, Aussie Austine, Milano, Elite Champagne for women suits;  Montique and Milano Moda for men walking suits

In addition to the item of the month offerings, we will put other items on the page when the item of the month is no longer available. When the item of the month period has expired, you will simple see the sign up for our newsletter – this is an opportunity for our guests and customers that have not sign up to receive information about future deal of the month broadcast.

This is as simple as it gets, you’ll get automatic e-mail couple of days before we post item-of-the-month information on the web. You have the opportunity to place your order within 2 days. You’ll get this great deal as long we have your correct e-mail to receive our newsletter.


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  1. Put Your Golden Seal of Approval – You have the option to vote for future items-of-the-month.  You can even suggest a designer of your choice for other members to vote for.  If we receive enough vote on your item of choice.  We will contact the designer for group price – vote ahead, and we’ll shop for you.
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Item of the Month sales are for a limited time only and quantities are limited.

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Thank You for being a value customer and great partner! Thanks again and we look forward to serving you soon – THANK YOU!!!


Hot Fashion with Cool Linen


Cool Comfort with Linen Fashions

Linen Attire

Womens Linen Attire

Linen is the perfect fabric for the summer months. It is a soft, light fabric that allows your skin to breathe without the restrictions of tight jeans and tank tops. You’ll actually stay cooler in a linen suit than in cotton tee shirts.

Ladies’ linen can be worn as a casual outfit for the beach, boardwalk, or sightseeing. Linen designer suits can also be worn as apparel, professional attire, or for a casual day at work. Ladies’ linen suits are versatile and are made in styles that will make you looks cool, as well as feel cool.

Don’t try to fit into those tight denim shorts or jeans, slip comfortably into a woman’s linen suit, and revel in the comfort. Linen will not stick to you no matter how hot it gets. It moves and flows with you, keeping you looking refreshed.

Womens linen attire in the hottest, trend setting colors make it a breeze to spark up your wardrobe with fresh, new styles. Unleash the new you with summer fashion that is perfect for business and pleasure. Dressing in the latest colors and styles doesn’t get any easier that with clothing from Abby Fashions, the online store with the best selections at affordable prices.


Be Ready for the First Cold Snap


Find a Warm Winter Coat before the Cold

Winter Wear

Womens Coats

You never know when the weather will turn frigid. Some years, winter sets in at the beginning of September with damp, raw days and frosty nights, while other years it might not get cold until after Thanksgiving. It’s always a good idea to buy a winter coat before you’re stuck shivering in the cold.

Now is a great time to find blowout sales and special deals on women’s designer coats like Liz Clairborne and Espirit designs. Adding a professional knee length coat to your professional wardrobe and a waist length winter jacket to casual attire will prepare you for all occasions and weather.

There are many closeout coat sales online that have designer coats in all styles, colors, and sizes. Buying online is an ideal way to add a few winter coats to your work fashion and special occasion wardrobe. Take advantage of the final sales and blowout sales.


Finding Trendy Designer Suits

Trendy Womens Suits

Trendy Womens Suits

The reason designer suitsare so popular is because they stay in fashion longer than overnight fad clothing. A quality designer woman’s suit remains contemporary, stylish, and appropriate attire for years to come. The designers put a lot of time and effort in creating women’s clothing that is high quality with classic styling for timeless fashion.The high quality fabrics used to create designer suits outlasts any bargain brand fabric on the market. Although the prices might look great in department stores, the quality is not what it should be. Washing, drying, ironing, and even dry cleaning puts wear and tear on generic clothing.

Women’s designer suits, like Soligiani, are constructed to outlast any department store brand and remain in style. They years of use that you can get from a designer woman’s suit makes them well worth the price. In fact, many online fashion stores carry Soligiani Suits, as well as many others for the same price as department store suits.

Don’t waste time and money on women’s attire that will soon be outdated and worn. Check out Abby Fashions for clothes that will last for years, retaining their style and quality.


Dressing Light and Airy for Summer


Cool Summer Designer Wear

Womens Suits

Womens Suits

Guarantee yourself a cool summer with lightweight summer suits. There is nothing worse than sitting at your desk, hot and uncomfortable on a summer’s day. Wearing lightweight clothing in pastel shades is the key to staying cool and refreshed throughout the day.

Business attire does not have to be dark, dreary, and heavy. Give up those layered suits for the summer and wear a woman’s business suit that is appropriate for warm weather. There are so many lovely summer professional suits available, that you never have to be hot and sweating on the commute to the office again.

Nubiano women’s summer suits are the ideal women’s attire for the dog days of summer, keeping you refreshed and guaranteeing a cool summer. The lightweight fabric and light colors give you the most comfortable day you could hope for.

Finding women’s summer suits is easy when you do your shopping online. Online fashion stores carry a wide selection of summer suits in all fabrics, sizes, colors, and styles. Don’t spend all your time driving in your car, walking through sweltering parking lots into a store that has only two or three suits to offer. Give yourself a break this summer and check out Abby Fashions online.



Turn Plain into Formal with a Shawl


How to Add a Shawl Accessory

Womens Shawl

Womens Shawl

Consider adding a shawl to any of your dresses when a special occasion arises. Save time and money buying a new formal outfit and just add a tasteful shawl to accessorize the dress. The simple dress is no longer plain, but a stunning piece of evening wear.

Shawls used to be casual, knitted or crocheted to wear with jeans. Today’s shawls, however, are classy and elegant for formal wear and dinner wear. They are worn by the mother of the bride, over the shoulders and arms for an added touch of glamour for such a special occasion.

Shawls are also functional for those chilly summer nights, when just a touch of covering is needed. Add a few dressy shawls to any woman’s wardrobe and every dressy dress or woman’s suit can be transformed into stylish, formal wear for weddings, church wear, business dinners, cocktail parties, and formal dinners. Shop for shawls at Abby Fashions today and find great low prices!